Meet The Team...


Luke Barksby

Networking & Events, Company Director

Preferred Poison:    Monkey Shoulder Single Malt Scotch Whiskey​

Favourite Destination:    Rome, Italy

Special Power:    The ability to get any lyrics to any song wrong

Favourite Author:    Jodi Picoult

Superhero or Villain:    Harley Quinn 

Past Time:    Anything practical, D.I.Y., driving my car 

Favourite Colour:    Burgundy

Summer or Winter:    Summer

Favourite Music:    Country / Rock

Experience:    Drinking or working... 6 years

Red or White:    Red - the sweeter the better

If you could be an animal:    Unicorn

Champagne Bucket - white.png

Hannah Claire Goodwin

Admin, Marketing & Social Media

Preferred Posion:     Espresso Martini & Extra Dry Prosecco  

Favourite Destination:    USA

Special Power:    sniffing out a soiled nappy from 3 miles away

Favourite Author:    Sophie Hannah

Superhero or Villain:    Maleficent

Past Time:    Reading and drinking wine in the bath

Favourite Colour:    Black

Summer or Winter:    Summer

Favourite Music:    Country

Experience:    Both sides of the bar

Red or White:    White, never Chardonnay

If you could be an animal:    Cat

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Tracey Colley

Events & Bar Manager

Preferred Poison:    Gentleman Jack

Favourite Destination:    Wherever my nearest and dearest are

Special Power:    Built-in Bullsh*t button

Favourite Author:    David Baldacci

Superhero or Villain:    Tyrion Lannister

Past Time:    Wire, beads and stones

Favouite Colour:    Green

Summer or Winter:    Spring

Favourite Music:    Rock / Blues

Experience:    Since Noah was a lad

Red or White:    Red or a good Oaked Chardonnay

If you could be an animal:    Sloth

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